Speckled White Stoneware


      Designed in Vancouver, Canada, the Speckled White Stoneware Collection is hand-finished in Portugal's Tagus Valley with locally sourced and recycled clays. Firing twice ensures everyday durability for 4 piece stoneware mugs, stoneware coffee drippers, and 4 piece stoneware breakfast bowls that add a country farmhouse appeal to kitchens. Enjoy coffee, tea, snacks, desserts, and soups anytime of day. Welcome summer mornings with unique ceramic crockery!  Indulge in your next hot beverage, breakfast, snacks, desserts, and soups any time of the day and enjoy the uniqueness of summer mornings with the speckled white stoneware crockery.

      All semi-matte ceramics are susceptible to superficial marks from your flatware. They can be easily removed from the speckled white stoneware with a scouring powder (like Bar Keepers Friend) and our Tawashi Brush.

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