Feather Pampas, Tan 40"
Feather Pampas Grass: Color Tan, Size 40"

Feather Pampas, Tan 40"

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These gorgeous Feather Pampas stems will add beauty and organic texture to your home. Its simplistic style in a tan, light brown color, brings a touch of boho flair yet still looks elegant. This dried, natural pampas grass set of 3 stems are approximately 40" long, and the perfect decorative piece when displayed in a vase, bottle, jug, or dough bowl. For a fuller & fluffier look, we recommend using 2-3 sets of 3 stems in a vase.

Using feather pampas in table settings is an excellent way to add a touch of chic at bohemian weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and more.

Please note: Each feather pampas stem is unique and may vary slightly in tone and size due to the nature of the product.


  • INCLUDED: 1 Set of 3 stems
  • SIZE: approximately 40"
  • MATERIALS: Natural Dried Pampas
  • COLOR: Tan / light brown
  • CARE: Fragile, handle with care. Indoor use. Do not add water.

As pampas are very delicate, it is natural for the fluffy part called plume to press during shipping. When you receive your feather pampas stems, be gentle while unpacking and handle with care. Take it outside in the sunlight, gently shake it or use a hot hairdryer on low-setting to fluff your pampas. During the re-fluffing process, pampas may shed which is a natural occurrence but once it's on display, the shedding is minimal.  To further minimize shedding, avoid placing pampas in windy environments, place in a low traffic area and give it a light spray of unscented hairspray (natural if possible)! Avoid exposure to water.

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