Candle Care Kits & Accessories


      Our essential Candle Care Kits & Accessories are beautiful, useful and add to your décor alongside your candles. We highly recommend you use a wick trimmer and candle snuffer to safely extinguish your candle.  Keep candles burning long and bright with this essential candle care kit. Wick trimmer: to cut wick back before every use, candle snuffer: to avoid smoking when it's time to burn out the candle, and wick dipper: to extinguish the flame in the wick. Try our safety matches too

      You should never blow out your candles.  Keep scissors away from children. Use kit tools with caution. Read more candle care instruction on our Candle Care & Safety Tips page.

      Shop our selection of candles from our Non-Toxic Candles & Melts page.

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