Caring & Info for Turkish Cotton

Caring & Info for Turkish Cotton: At Avalon Willow Home, we love everything about Turkish Cotton; from the quality, feel and look of each one of our selected artisan-made products.  Our goal is to offer our customers these amazing products whilst supporting some incredible artisans from all around the world!

Looking for a set of these beautifully lightweight textiles to suit your modern home lifestyle? Shop all Turkish Cotton products such as towels, washcloths, robes and throws at Avalon Willow Home.

Caring & Info for Turkish Cotton

  • Soak towel before use
  • Machine or hand wash cold
  • Delicate cycle with like colours
  • Hang to dry preferred or dryer on low heat
  • Some shrinkage may occur
  • Avoid bleach & fabric softeners 
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    5 Things You Didn't Know About Turkish Towels

    When you walk through your door after a long day at work, or an exciting afternoon with your friends (socially distanced of course!), we know you want your home to feel as luxurious and special as you do. That’s why the designs of our luxury Turkish towels are handcrafted with both your unique style, and our reverence for versatility, in mind.

    Did you know that each of our towels have been hand-woven with unique, twisted tassel fringes on them? Or that each tassel is spun one-by-one by global independent artisans?

    Check out these 5 Other Things You (probably) Didn’t Know about Turkish Towels:

    1. Pokoloko Turkish Towels Are Made From 100% Pure Turkish Cotton

    Ethically sourced from traditional Turkish artisans, Pokoloko Turkish towels are made from 100% natural Trukish cotton.

    Unlike your usual cotton, this material is soft & gently on the skin. So you can forego your usual scratchy towels post-shower in favour of this gentle design.

    The best part? Turkish Towels will get softer & more absorbent with frequent use & proper care!

    2. Pokoloko Turkish Towels Are Quick Drying & Light Weight

    While the science and art of Turkish towels dates back to the 17th century, their quick-dry, high absorbency, and unparalleled weave makes them a modern day essential worldwide.

    Going traveling? Bring your Turkish towels on the road. Compact and lightweight, these towels are both travel and storage friendly. You can roll them up to fit easily in a suitcase, closet, gym bag, backpack, tote, etc.

    Never worry about forgetting your gym towel again!

    3. Pokoloko Turkish Towels Have A Substantial & Durable Weave

    With an ultra soft hand feel, this luxurious textile is crafted to have a strong and durable weave. Turkish cotton has extra long fibres, making it longer lasting and more durable than regular cotton.

    Not only are they naturally antibacterial, the Turkish cotton also allows our towels to dry 30% faster than regular towels! Meaning no more musty towel smells from accidentally leaving them on the floor.(Don’t worry- we know you would never)

    Easily used both indoors and outdoors, the fabric repels sand and grass making it the perfect portable accessory and picnic blanket!

    4. Versatility: Perfect For A Bath, The Beach, Or Even As A Scarf!

    Our design focus always includes versatility, utility and functionality. Therefore, Pokoloko Turkish towels have an adaptable element built-in to both their aesthetic and structural design.

    Because they feel gentle and light on the skin, they're a great alternative to scratchy woolen scarves and wraps. Our wide variety of patterns also means you’re sure to find a style that perfectly matches your home aesthetic.

    What’s even better is that they’re useful in all seasons! #avalonwillowhome #pokolokoltd

    5. Pokoloko Turkish Towels Are Great For Travel

    Although originally used as bath towels in Turkish bath houses (Hammams), we’ve seen our Pokoloko-loving community use our towel designs in all sorts of ways, including: at the beach, cottage, and gym; after a yoga class, and at the spa; on hiking and camping trips, or even while at festivals.

    Pokoloko towels can be used as a tablecloth, meditation shawl, living room throw, picnic blanket, baby swaddle, tapestry… You can even bring them on the road as a much-needed blanket or lumbar support!

    “The sky's the limit when it comes to the many uses these Turkish towels have!”

    With their decorative and functional designs, our fairly traded lounge pieces make an easy gift idea for friends, family, and new parents, as well as the most avid travelers and adventurers in your life!

    by Katelyn Wells