Fair Trade, Sustainable & Ethically Sourced

Fair Trade, Sustainable & Ethically Sourced: Avalon Willow Home proudly collaborates with a highly-rated brand Pokoloko; a Canadian team committed to community and highlighting artisan entrepreneurs from around the globe. Here you'll find their inspiration from the road less traveled. Avalon Willow Home's featured Pokoloko products are handmade with natural materials that are carbon neutral, Fair Trade, Sustainable & Ethically Sourced. Pokoloko contributes to initiatives that offset CO2 emissions, and with each purchase, customers actively participate in these projects too.  Here are a few projects Pokoloko supports:

1 - The Peruvian projection of the Amazon project 

2 - The Istanbul landfill gas extraction project in Turkey 

3 - Forest plantation on degraded grassland in Uruguay

4 - Delivering clean drinking water to Haiti 

5 - Preserving prime Brazilian rainforest  

Help Pokoloko Offset CO2 Emissions

Every time you buy one of their products from Avalon Willow Home, they will plant trees in the Pokoloko forest to offset CO2 emissions accumulated in the process of sourcing material, creating their goods and shipping them to you.

All excellent reasons to feel good when you purchase these products. Style any room in your home, camper, cottage, beach bag or wherever your heart desires!! These items also make meaningful, ideal and functional gifts as the neutral designs & colour palettes blend well with most décor & styles.


Their full and hand towels are made by artisan entrepreneurs specializing in Turkish cotton. Their focus always includes versatility, utility, and functionality - Turkish cotton is a more durable fibre that gets softer with every wash!

For more details & how to care for your Turkish Towels, visit our Caring & Info for Turkish Cotton page.

Check out Pokoloko's Turkish Towels on our Turkish Cotton product page.

Pokoloko's HOME GOODS 

A house is a house, a home speaks to the love and character you’ve created. 

Whether you’re renovating, refreshing, or gifting, this collection brings the elements and world together.

Accessorize your home with some of our favorite home décor pieces such as Pokoloko Moroccan Pillows; including our gorgeous Crochet Pillow, our Moroccan Grain Stripe Pillow, our Moroccan Grey Pom Pillow, our Moroccan White Pom Pom Pillow2-Tone Moroccan Pom Pom Pillow, the Soft Alpaca Throw in a gorgeous coconut white colour, the beautiful Feather Beaded Tassel, the rustic Raffia Heart wall décor and don't forget our eco-friendly Bamboo Straws.

Here are some interesting facts and information about Alpaca and Turkish cotton directly from Pokoloko!!

Celebrating Alpaca Fleece: The Coveted Natural Fibre

by Katelyn Wells

Alpaca- The Natural Fibre That Holds Up 

Alpaca fleece is a natural fibre which means any hairlike material derivative of an animal, vegetable or mineral source used for fabrics woven and non-woven.

The commercial usefulness of a fibre is determined by certain properties, such as:

  • Length
  • Strength
  • Pliability
  • Elasticity
  • Abrasion resistance, and
  • Absorbency 

Thankfully, alpaca fleece holds up extremely well in all 6 of these categories.

Alpaca Fleece: A Natural Resource That’s Sustainable

The shearing of alpaca fleece is a very natural process that occurs only once a year. And yet, the high yield of alpaca fleece from this single annual event produces enough for market share.

Thus, alpaca fibre is a sustainable natural resource.

One alpaca can yield up to 9-14 lbs of fleece per shearing, compared to the 4-6 oz. a goat produces annually for cashmere.

Alpaca farming is also animal-friendly. Shearing an alpaca’s fleece is harmless for the docile creature, and actually beneficial for their health. By removing the fleece, farmers rid their alpacas of the chance to become susceptible to unhealthy heat stress during warm summer months.

But it’s alpaca fleece’s soft, warm and lightweight features that’ll leave you saying, “I want that for me!”

Here are 3 Reasons Why You’ll Be Happy Natural Alpaca Fibres are Used in Your Clothing & Throw Blankets:

  1. Alpaca Fibre is Cashmere, Without the Cruelty!

Alpaca fibre is as soft as cashmere, but the manufacturing process isn’t harmful to the animal.

Alpacas are shorn only once a year, whereas goats are shorn frequently, despite not having much fat on their bodies.

This is particularly concerning during the winter months when cashmere is at its highest demand. Goats shorn during these cold months can freeze to death.

Choose Alpaca instead!

  1. Alpaca Fibre has the Luster of Silk

Coveted for its natural sheen, alpaca fleece is similar to that of silk. It is a characteristically soft, durable, and silky natural fibre.

  1. Alpaca Fibre- Warm as Wool, But 1/3 of the Weight!

Alpaca fleece is similar to sheep’s wool, but far exceeds its benefits! Alpaca is warmer, not prickly, and has no lanolin- making it hypoallergenic!

Alpaca’s extravagant lightweight fabric is also naturally water-repellent, fire-resistant, and the kind of soft you reserve for the most special of occasions!

A special thank you to every Avalon Willow Home customer for taking a part in our mission to provide home décor products that are Fair Trade, Sustainably & Ethically Sourced!  We adore you.



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