Bamboo Sisal Dish Brush
Bamboo Sisal Dish Brush

Bamboo Sisal Dish Brush

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The Bamboo Sisal Dish Brush is an environmentally conscious kitchen utensil. Its new bamboo material allows it to be more resilient to splitting and the accumulation of mold.  Swap plastic dish brushes in the kitchen with this biodegradable bamboo and sisal fiber (agave plant) dish brush. The head is removable and replaceable. Studies have revealed brushes to be superior substitutes to sponges, which accumulate bacteria and necessitate frequent replacement. Making the bamboo sisal dish brush a perfect zero waste kitchen tool.

    • Included: 1 Bamboo Sisal Dish Brush
    • MEASUREMENTS: Brush with handle: 9.44" x 2.36"
    • MATERIAL: bamboo handle, sisal fiber (agave plant), stainless steel construction
    • ORIGIN: Crafted in Canada


  • Sisal fiber: derived from the agave sisalana plant, sisal boasts increased strength and durability compared to other natural fibers, as well as a resistance to bacteria, mildew, and oil
  • Ergonomic design: provides an easy grip and a string for convenient drying
  • Kitchen essential: ideal for hand washing light grease and pre-dishwasher rinse


  • rinse with water post use and air dry with the bristle-side down
  • disinfect bristles with vinegar and baking soda as necessary
  • prevent cracking by abstaining from soaking
  • omit washing in dishwasher
  • keep away from intense heat or flames

DISCLAIMER: Follow directions & care tips for the Bamboo Sisal Dish Brush from manufacturer. Use as directed.

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