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Coconut Brush - For dishes, bottles, and glasses in the home.  Brand: Plantish Future
Instructions for use of Coconut Bottle Brush

Coconut Bottle Brush

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This Coconut Bottle Brush is an eco-friendly, non-scratching, and multipurpose kitchen essential that provides an efficient way to wash dishes in the home, cottage or office.

Crafted in Canada, its natural coconut fiber bristles are free from chemicals, plastic, and BPA. Its long and sturdy bamboo handle helps you easily clean glasses, cups, dishes, reusable water bottles, baby bottles, and hard to reach spots.

    • Coconut fibre is derived from coconut husks, providing oil-resistance properties due to its natural composition, free from chemicals, plastic, or BPA.
    • Secure & Carefree: Eliminate concerns about toxic materials or microplastic contamination of food or eco-systems.
    • Non-scratch, making it safe for use with cast iron and stainless steel cookware
    • Ergonomic handle and hanging loop design: non-slip, contoured shape easily fits in the hand; loop allows air drying when not in use.
  • MEASUREMENT: 2.17" x 9.45"
  • MATERIALS: Coconut fiber, bamboo
  • ORIGIN: Made in Canada
  • DIRECTIONS:  Scrub bottles, dishes, and other surfaces with dish soap as needed
    • Rinse any accumulated soap with water after heavy use and then wipe dry
    • Ensure that the brush is dried outdoors for 1-2 days each week, and switch with a different soap dish regularly
    • Use water vinegar solution to clean mold
    • Keep the coconut bottle brush away from high heat or open flames

DISCLAIMER: Directions & care tips from manufacturer.  Use as directed.

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