Loofah, Soap Saver Bag
Loofah, Soap Saver Bag
Loofah, Soap Saver Bag

Loofah, Soap Saver Bag

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This Canadian-crafted Loofah, Soap Saver Bag is a sisal fiber pouch providing a grip for soaps and exfoliating the skin. Its use prolongs the life of soaps by generating lather. An ideal zero-waste option, this bathroom and kitchen staple is crafted from vegan, plant-based and plastic-free materials. Comprising sisal and cotton, the Loofah, Soap Saver Bag can be used to form foam and can be used as a washcloth or an exfoliator. For the safety of those with delicate or sensitive skin, a patch test is recommended prior to use.

  • MATERIALS: Cotton, sisal
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: After use, the bag should be hung to air dry and machine washed on low/cold when cleaning.

DISCLAIMER: Directions, disposal & care tips from manufacturer. Use as directed. Accessories not included.

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