Merida Paper Mache Vase: Medium 8.25" size. eco-friendly, handcrafted from textured paper mache using recycled newspaper. It has a chalky, limewash-like finish and rounded shape.
Merida Paper Mache Vase: Medium SKU 1-2496 On wooden bench, pairs perfectly with other Merida vases and our Cascade Paper Mache vase.

Merida Paper Mache Vase 8.25"

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This timeless Merida Paper Mache Vase is sure to become a cherished piece for any room in your home. Handcrafted from textural papier maché featuring a chalky texture, its neutral tone in a creamy off-white hue blends with a variety of color schemes and spaces. Its rounded shape offers a soft, balanced look. Made from recycled newspaper, this vase is entirely natural and sustainable. The chalky clay-like pulp is kneaded, rolled, and molded into natural sculptural objects without the use of firing or power, making the entire process eco-friendly. With its medium 8.25" height and natural beauty, this Merida paper maché vase is the perfect way to bring a touch of character and charm to any collection of shelves and tables.

AWH tip: This Merida Paper Mache Vase of medium size, pairs perfectly with our large Merida vase and our Cascade Paper Mache Urn (each sold separately). They create an attractive display to showcase on their own or together.

  • DIMENSIONS: 7"L x 7"W x 8.25"H 
  • MATERIAL: Paper Mache
  • ORIGIN: Handmade in India
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Due to its porous nature, it should not be exposed to liquids.

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