Mini Stain Remover Stick
Mini Stain Remover Stick

Mini Stain Remover Stick

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This 0.5oz all-natural Mini Stain Remover Stick contains two simple ingredients: biodegradable coconut oil enhanced with washing soda. It effectively removes stubborn stains, such as grease and oil, from multiple surfaces, including clothing, kitchen hoods, carpets, car seats, and walls. Easily remove the most stubborn stains with a 10-20 minute soak.  Replace the use of bleach or chemical cleaner in your laundry routine with the Mini Stain Remover Stick. This soap stick is fragrance-free and biodegradable, making it an environmentally-friendly (eco-friendly) choice of soap bar that won't discolor fabrics.

  • USES & CARE:
    • Cut or scrape off a small portion of the Mini Stain Remover Stick and add to standard laundry loads for a boost in cleaning power.
    • Timeless leather pieces such as jackets and purses can be kept clean.
    • Melt the bar in hot water and spray or rub it onto surfaces for stain and grime removal, such as kitchen hoods, carpets and car seats.
    • Use on moldy surfaces, like those in the refrigerator, but refrain from using on heated surfaces like ovens until cooled. Avoid using bleach.
    • Place bar on a well draining soap dish to keep it dry.
    • Do NOT use a as a hand or body soap.

DISCLAIMER: Follow directions & care tips from manufacturer. If skin irritation occurs when washing fabrics or surfaces, discontinue use.  Use as directed. 

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