Preserved Eucalyptus Willow: is Weeping Willow shaped natural greenery for home. Preserving helps keep natural shape, scent and is more pliable and soft

Preserved Eucalyptus Willow

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Preserved Eucalyptus Willow offers a unique way to add greenery to your home and events. The special preserving method maintains the weeping willow shape and deep green hue, while the lovely eucalyptus scent remains natural. Moreover, the texture is soft and pliable, as the eucalyptus does not get completely dried out.

These preserved eucalyptus willow are simple to include in any project. Use them in vases for floral arrangements, table centerpieces, and wedding bouquets. Great for DIY home décor!

  • DIMENSIONS:  50gm. Approximately: 20"L, 10-12 stems
  • MATERIAL: Natural, preserved
  • COLOUR: Dark green
  • CARE & MAINTENANCE: Fragile natural product, handle with care. Do not water. Do not keep in direct sunlight. Dust lightly or use a blow drier on lowest setting to remove any dust.

Warning: The oil from eucalyptus can be toxic to animals and small children if ingested. Although this is a preserved product, we still encourage customers to do your research to ensure that this product is right for you before making your purchase. 

Please note: Slight variations in colour, texture and size and imperfections are considered normal as this Preserved Eucalyptus Willow bunch is a natural product.

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