Preserved Moss Balls
Preserved Moss Balls

Preserved Moss Balls

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Preserved Moss Balls make ideal bowl fillers, bringing an organic touch to home décor. Also, they can be incorporated into wedding and party centerpieces. Made from real moss, these decorative orbs make a tasteful addition to farmhouse, garden, and timeless traditional styles.  Our Preserved Moss Balls boast everlasting greens, requiring no water or upkeep. Featuring a lightweight foam core, these round mossy decorations can be easily hung and customized to suit individual décor needs.

Set of 6 orbs crafted from preserved moss, is perfect for decorating a dough bowl, tray, shelf, table or as a centerpiece accent.

  • DIMENSIONS: Small 3" (set of 6 Preserved Moss Balls)
  • MATERIAL: Moss
  • COLOUR: Green
  • CARE & MAINTENANCE: Natural product, handle with care. Do not add water. Do not keep in direct sunlight. Dust lightly or use a blow drier on lowest setting to remove any dust.

Please note: Slight variations in colour, texture, size and imperfections are considered normal as the Preserved Moss Balls are a natural product.

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