Preserved Pink Statice Bouquet

Preserved Pink Statice Bouquet

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This woody stemmed, Preserved Pink Statice Bouquet is also referred to as the everlasting flower or limonium sinuatum. These dried blooms are as delicate as they are beautiful and are a great alternative to baby's breath. It has a unique, natural scent similar to that of baby's breath, and may be averse for sensitive noses. We appreciate its natural smell and love adding this bouquet to vases for a beautiful prairie-inspired look. If you desire a wild-flower vibe, our preserved pink statice bouquet is perfect.

  • DIMENSIONS: 22-24" including stems (5-7 stems)
  • MATERIAL: Dried/preserved limonium statice. Wrapped in bouquet paper
    • COLOUR: Light pink
    • CARE & MAINTENANCE: Fragile natural product, handle with care. Do not water. Do not keep in direct sunlight. 

    Please note: Slight variations in colour, texture, size and imperfections are considered normal as the preserved pink status bouquet is a natural product.

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