Sea Salt & Peppermint Soap Bar

Sea Salt & Peppermint Soap Bar

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The Sea Salt & Peppermint soap bar is a gorgeous all natural, zero waste salt bar! Benefits of salt bars: sea salts are full of minerals beneficial to the skin like magnesium, zinc, calcium, potassium and more. Sea salts also draw toxins out of the body while providing a catalyst which helps the glycerin in our pure, real soap absorb more easily into the skin! YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THIS BEAUTIFUL FRAGRANT BAR!

These soaps are artisan made in small batches from with attention to detail from pure all-natural ingredients, essentials oils and plant based colorants that your skin will love.  They are eco-friendly, zero-waste with no synthetic dyes. Free from: preservatives, phosphates, parabens & sulfates.

A great choice for those seeking a healthier, more natural approach to skincare.

  • INCLUDED: 1 sea salt & peppermint soap bar
  • DIMENSIONS: 3.5" x 1" w x 2.5" h
  • WEIGHT: approx 5oz

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