Sola Whitewash Roses: come in a bundle of 6. Size: 2.5" diameter. On table with candle
Sola Whitewash Roses, Small: Bundle of 6

Sola Whitewash Roses, Small

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These Sola Whitewash Roses will create an enchanting ambiance in any room they are graced with.  Their natural wooden petals in a whitewashed hue, give these blooms an enchanting rustic look and make an eye-catching bouquet! Bundle of 6.

  • DIMENSIONS: Small: 2.5" Dia, bundle of 6 stems
  • MATERIAL: Waterplant bark/ wood
  • COLOUR: Whitewash
  • CARE & MAINTENANCE: Fragile natural product, handle with care. Do not water. Do not keep in direct sunlight. Dust lightly or use a blow drier on lowest setting to remove any dust.

Please note: Slight variations in colour, texture, size and imperfections are considered normal as these Whitewash Sola Roses are a natural product.

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