REFILL For The Bamboo Sisal Dish Brush
REFILL For The Bamboo Sisal Dish Brush
REFILL For The Bamboo Sisal Dish Brush

REFILL For The Bamboo Sisal Dish Brush

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Searching for a REFILL For The Bamboo Sisal Dish Brush? This top-selling, kitchen basic eliminates grease, grime, and stains from dishes, pots, and pans. This tool is great for surfaces with heavy build-up of residues. 

Constructed of bamboo and sisal derived from the agave sisalana plant, this dish brush refill is more resilient than other natural fibers and inhibits bacteria, mold, and mildew growth.

    • Includes 1 refill 5cm, see picture #1. (Handle brush sold separately)
    • Made in Canada


  • To replace a Bamboo Sisal Dish Brush head, please be as gentle as possible to be safe:
    • 1. Use pliers to pinch the metal piece
    • 2. Pull the brush head and the brush handle in opposite sides slowly to remove old brush head
    • 3. Slide on a new brush head until the metal piece is back to its original position to hold it tight.

MATERIALS: Bamboo & sisal - Biodegradable, Compostable, Plastic-free, Vegan, and Nontoxic


  • rinse with water after each use and air dry with the bristle facing down
  • clean bristles (as needed) with vinegar to kill bacteria
  • avoid soaking in water to prevent cracks
  • avoid placing in dishwasher
  • place/store away from high heat or flames

DISCLAIMER: Instructions, directions & care tips from manufacturer. Use as directed.

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