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Fable Home Essentials, Tawashi bush used to wash stoneware dinnerware

Tawashi Brush

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The Tawashi Brush is a Japanese scrubbing brush; a durable, biodegradable kitchen cleaning essential. Utilize it with a scouring powder to erase superficial marks caused by flatware or utensils on your ceramics and stoneware. Additionally, the Tawashi brush is suitable to clean your everyday cookware, and can be used to scour root vegetables like carrots, radishes, and potatoes.

Use it on the 4 piece stoneware mugs, stoneware coffee dripper and 4 piece stoneware breakfast bowls.

  • DIMENSIONS: 3.5"W x 3.9"L x 2" thickness
  • MATERIALS: Made with palm fibres
  • ORIGIN: Crafted in Japan
    • Step 1: Grab a scouring powder like Bar Keepers Friend (lemon juice and baking soda work in a pinch) then make a paste with water.
    • Step 2: Give your ceramics a powerful scrub with the Tawashi Brush for a few seconds.
    • Step 3: After a sudsy rinse, your dishes will be as good as new.
      • Wash with water before use.
      • Rinse well after use, drain and air dry.

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